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Welcome to Massage at the Beach located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, a 1996 graduate of Coastal Carolina Institute for Massage in Wilmington, NC. I am licensed in North and South Carolina, a Reiki Master and a Professional Member of the NC chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). I have one son and three grandchildren. My hobbies include making beaded jewelry and handmade soap.

I encourage you to tour my website for information on treatments offered, pricing and directions. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email for an appointment or with any questions you may have. Have a wonderful and safe day! I look forward to seeing you!

Judi Westcott, LMBT
NC Lic #0365/SC Lic #1164



Therapeutic Massage
Tailored to your needs, from relaxation to deep tissue.
30 minutes $45
60 minutes $75
90 minutes $110
Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones are placed on your energy centers and in your hands and feet. Then more heated stones are used to rub your body with oil. This includes some deep tissue work where needed. This treatment will help you enter deep dimensions of relaxation, health and well being. Great for muscle pain and arthritis!
60 minutes $95
90 minutes $130
Reiki Energy Healing
A gentle, hands-on healing which supports the body's own mechanisms to heal itself on physical, mental and emotional levels. Accelerates healing and is deeply calming.
60 minutes $60
Detox Foot Bath
Soak your feet in a warm water bath and watch the toxins being pulled from your body! You'll feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being.
30 minutes $40
Pkg. of 4 $140
Pkg. of 10 $300
An ancient healing art utilizing reflex points on the feet.  Stimulates the body to heal itself naturally.  Very relaxing!
30 minutes $45
Reflexology & Massage
w/ 30 min. massage $75
w/ 60 min. massage $110

Other treatment packages can be customized
to meet your needs

Gift Certificates Available
Visa, M/C, American Express and Discover accepted
Money-saving packages available for multiple sessions

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My office is located at 6893 Beach Dr. (Rt. 179) between the beautiful barrier islands of Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, NC. From Ocean Isle Beach, go over the bridge to the mainland, take the third right off the traffic circle onto Beach Dr. (Rt. 179). My office is approximately 2 miles on the left; small red and white building set back from the road. Look for a sign that reads "Beach Drive Center".

From Sunset Beach, go over the bridge to the mainland, take the third right off the traffic circle onto Beach Dr., (Rt. 179). Go through the next traffic light at Food Lion, Walgreens and CVS. From that point, my office is approximately 1 mile on the right; small red and white building set back from the road. Look for a sign that reads "Beach Drive Center".

Please click here for directions.

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  • Relaxation of tense muscles
  • Release of muscle spasms
  • Firming and toning of muscles
  • Reduction of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Increased circulation and lymphatic flow (immune system)
  • Reduction of edema (fluid retention)
  • Speeds recovery time from injury or surgery
  • Provides nurturing, caring touch – a basic human need


Q: I’ve never had a massage before.  What can I expect?

A: On your first visit, you will be asked to complete some paperwork providing the therapist with information about your medical history.  You will then be ushered into a quiet, dimly-lit room with soft music playing and perhaps a water fountain.  Your therapist will chat with you for a few minutes to determine if you have areas that need special attention and to ask you any questions she might have.  This is a good opportunity for you to ask questions as well.  She will then step out of the room while you undress and get on the table.  Massage is performed with lotion, oil or cream and is very relaxing and nurturing.  If you feel discomfort or pain you should tell your therapist.  “No pain, no gain” does not apply with massage.  Note:  Most therapists are willing to spend a short time with you prior to your first massage if necessary to answer any questions you may have and explain the procedure.  This also gives you the opportunity to decide if you are comfortable with the therapist and her working environment.

Q: Do I have to get totally undressed?

A: Not necessarily.  Although Swedish massage is more beneficial if you do remove all your clothing, you may leave your underwear on.  You will be covered by a sheet at all times except for the body part being massaged.  Some types of massage such as Shiatzu or energy work such as Cranial-Sacral therapy can be done with the client fully clothed.

Q: Why do some of my muscles feel sore during a massage when I’m not aware of them during normal activity?

A: If you experience this, it is usually due to overuse or excessive stress.  This is a sign to slow down, get more frequent massage and rest.  If your muscles are sore during normal daily activity, they have been damaged and will require rest, ice, compression and elevation if possible.  It takes 6 to 8 weeks for muscle tissue to repair itself if you don’t continue to injure it.  This means you will need to alter some of your activities.

Q: Why do I sometimes feel sore all over after a massage?

A: This is usually due to a build-up of toxins in the body.  Massage pushes toxins into the bloodstream and these must be flushed out of the system.  That is why your therapist advises you to drink lots of water afterwards and maybe take an epsom salt bath.  Epsom salt is a leaching agent and will facilitate the elimination of toxins.  This soreness is less and less likely to occur when you receive frequent massage.

Q: Why do I have a feeling of euphoria after a massage?

A: Massage promotes the production of endorphins in the body which are nature’s pain killers.

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To make an appointment or ask questions about my services, please use the following address, phone number or email:

Judi Westcott, LMBT
Massage At The Beach
6893 Beach Dr.
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469
Phone: (910) 579-6004